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The public outdoor space

iASSET supports complete management of the public outdoor space. The themes have been developed with specialized partners. Although they connect seamlessly, the themes are also modular in use. The iASSET themes are:


Manage pavements with the CROW147 management method. Fully CROW certified and for all types of pavements.


Manage buildings in accordance with the NEN2767 inspection method. Add complete maintenance plans and save inspection reports.


Street furnishings, traffic signs, benches, waste bins and all other pieces of furniture in public areas.


Mowing management, green management, Image quality, specification control, but also complete VTA checks for trees and maintenance plans.


Manage the geometry, carry out dredging planning (sludge accretion) and inspect bank protection in accordance with NEN2767-4 or via the CUR117 method.


Failure registration, Remplace but also connections with contractors. decompositioning the entire area and keep it in order with iASSET.


Manage cables via the IMKL and communicate directly to the WIBON. Make measurements and inspections NEN3410 / 1010 on electrical installations.


Both lightrail and regular track can be managed. Maintenance schedules, custom inspections and full risk analyzes can be added.


Cabinets, Masts, Fixtures; the complete intersection (incl. underground infrastructure) can be managed in iASSET.

Playground equipment

Full inspection in accordance with NEN1176 + 1177 and your own inspections can be carried out. Includes maintenance and replacement planning.

Sewage pumping stations

Complete decomposition in pumps, mechanical, electrical and structural parts. Including the BRL14020 and NEN3140 / 1010 inspection and replacement planning.


Sports fields, Attributes, fencing and all inspections that must be carried out on sports fields, including all maintenance and a complete overview of the quality of the objects.

Civil engineering structures

Inspect in accordance with NEN2767-4, CUR 117, make maintenance plans and add complete decompositions of civil engineering structures (bridges, locks, weirs, quay walls).


store sewage in accordance with the GWSW 1.3 method. import data via RIBX and calculate maintenance schedules based on damage images after inspections.

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